Hey Bay Area Parents: CubCard is giving away free classes all week!!

CubCard, like ClassPass but for your kiddos, is giving away free classes this week to try out their new offering! From swimclasses at Menlo Swim and Sport to sessions at Play! Los Altos or music classes at Day One Baby, it seems the pass covers all of our go to places, and for just $99/month for 8 classes that can be split between any of your kiddos! 

I haven't tried the service yet, but do have to give props to the team for quick customer service- when I received the email about the launch, I had a few questions and Dan from CubCarb responded very quickly, providing me answers to everything I inquired about. I'll hopefully try out the service this afternoon when Graceface wakes up (we are transitioning from 2 naps to 1 this week... wish us luck!)

The Good: User interface is awesome and easy to use, with classes covered all around our area from Menlo Park to Saratoga. Gymboree, MyGym and other classes tend to be about $80/month for 1x a week classes - so this is a good value. Especially awesome in summer when you travel and may not want to commit to a monthly schedule. I also love that the 8 classes can be shared between my two girls as opposed to buying two cards.

The "Room for Improvement": My marketing background gets a bit agitated when in their tagline they use the phrasing of "One Card, unlimited possibilities" to describe the offering - when you don't get unlimited classes for the $99, just 8. Most places like MyGym offer a free first class to check it out, so if you haven't used that option, this pass may not make the most sense quite yet. 

All-in-all excited to tell my fellow bay area parent friends about the new cub in town! The mommy market is ripe for disruption and an offering like this is bound to do well - especially this time of year! Coupled with a great user interface, I can't wait to follow the continued success of the CubCard team as they expand markets and add more businesses. If you check it out, let me know your thoughts!!! 

**Hint: CubCard, if you're reading this- brand every piece of your collateral - every image, etc. If you need help, give me a ring :)


San Francisco Zoo

We also checked out the San Francisco Zoo on Monday with friends- and what a wonderful adventure it was! All of the kids (4mos-3 years) had an absolute blast. Taking 280 from Los Altos, it was only about a 40 minute trip (leaving at 9:45, possibly due to Spring Break?!) I highly recommend purchasing tickets online in advance so you don't have to wait in line (being on the coast, it gets quite cold and windy!) Adults are $20, children under 3 are free! Parking is $10 - but note there are tons of discounted/reciprocal memberships so be sure to check it out!The highlight for the kiddos was probably the train ride, but they also loved seeing the tigers, penguins and growling guerrilas! Easy to stroll around, bring your own or use one of their rentals. Remember to bring extra layers, it was windy!! 

Oakland Airport to Open Lactation Suites

A big win for adventurous moms traveling with their wee ones. Oakland airport is opening "Lactation Suites" for moms to feed and pump in privacy. While there is some outrage (suggesting that mothers shouldn't just feed anywhere they like), I for one find immense comfort in this big step - providing a space free of distraction during hectic travel. While the NBC article claims this is a first for the bay area and the state, I do have to remind readers that SFO has an AWESOME mommy room before you get through security on the Departures level at United Airlines that is set up for changing, breast feeding (super comfy leather rocker) and place to pump -- completely private, you lock from the inside and only get access by picking up the phone and calling- it also has a very wide entry that can accommodate even a double stroller. I've pumped in there many times and also found it just a place to get situated after checking bags, before getting through security. 

Play! Los Altos Deal on Groupon

On rainy days, you'll undoubtedly find our family at Play! While I admit it seems silly to pay so much $$ to watch my kiddo play with toys we have at home (there is no childcare) - it is a great social opportunity and we adore the classes (included in price) -- you can find us tomorrow morning at 10am at the music class!! 

Deal here: https://www.groupon.com/deals/play-5

Have beautiful, outgrown Children's clothing? Gift them to the most special of families

The following request was sent out by the director of chaplaincy services at Packard Children's Hospital. If you have nice clothing your child has outgrown, you can help a grieving parent who has just lost a child. Please contact The Rev. Brady directly.

I recently received a request from a staff member of our Bereavement Services that one of the Intensive Care Unit social workers brought to her attention hoping we could help. The ICU social worker is aware that when a child dies at the hospital, often the parents, desiring to dress their child in nice clothing, will run across the street to the mall to try to purchase a new outfit in which to dress their child. Some clothing is kept on the unit for that purpose but the supply is evidently dwindling and the hope is for the clothing to be replenished.

Thank you for considering,

The Rev. Diana Brady, M.Div. 
Director of Chaplaincy Services
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford

(650) 497-8538

Hey Mompreneurs, Check out the Los Altos Women's Entrepreneur Event Tomorrow at Honcho

I once read a study on how creativity increases in women during and immediately following pregnancy due to hormonal changes. Undoubtedly, months of bedrest had my entrepreneurial light ignited and I have been toying with options moving forward. Ive always intended to eventually go back to work in some capacity, and with Emme's endless doctors appointments - I know I need flexibility - which has inspired me to look into starting something again. 

While reading the Los Altos Town Crier last week, I noticed the upcoming Women's Entrepreneur Happy Hour at the new wine bar on 1st Street - Honcho. (We went to Honcho before our Valentine's Day Dinner at Cetrella and it was awesome - the owner actually is originally from the DC area!)



Come Out and Join Us!



Women Entrepreneurs of Los Altos


Women’s History Month



Tuesday • March 1, 2016

5PM - 8PM


235 First Street, Los Altos CA 94022

RSVP at www.WELosAltos.com


Upcoming March Events:

  • “Meet Our ‘Women Entrepreneurs of Los Altos” Public Reception: Saturday • March 26th, 3PM - 6PM at Enchanté Boutique Hotel

  • Private Reception for "Los Altos Women Entrepreneurs ONLY" w/ Keynote Speaker, Anne Wojcicki, CEO/Co-Founder of 23andMe, Date/Time To Be Announced

  • To attend events, RSVP HERE.


Our events our 100% self-funded, please consider making a contribution by emailing WELosAltos@gmail.com.


More Information, visit: www.WELosAltos.com

Children's Discovery Museum Deal on Groupon

Such a great deal, I had to share! 

With fond memories of visiting the Children's Discovery Museum as a child and riding the fire engine and making corn husk dolls, I was ecstatic to bring Grace to the museum from the moment we moved back to the Bay Area. Located in downtown San Jose, the museum boasts favorites for all ages - we loved the crawling discovery space for those under 1, and the toddler room has captivated Grace with story time, art, and all of the gadgets and gizmos. The gardens, bubble room and water works are also favorites! Additionally, I love that we can easily bring our own lunch - but if we forget - they have great options at the cafe.

We purchased a family pass last year which has been incredible as something new seems to capture Grace's heart with each visit as she grows and enters different stages, but for those of you who want to check it out for the first time- I highly recommend purchasing the Groupon - two admissions for $15. Typically $13 per person, it is a great deal and it seems you can purchase multiple. As a pass holder, I still purchased so we could go with out of town friends. 


For two days only, you can get an extra 20% off with the code SALE3. Head on over to Groupon and purchase your deal here!