Getting in the mood for Halloween, our Monday morning art activity is sure to be a big hit with the grandparents! Instead of painting pumpkins, we used Graceface's "bum" as a stamp to make a pumpkin shape-- fortunately it's 80 degrees so putting together the project outside got no complaints from the wee one who reveled in bath time after! 


  • Baby Bum
  • washable orange paint (we used neon by crayola) 
  • heavy stock paper/poster board
  • crayons and or markers to decorate
  • baby wipes to clean up
  • paint brush and paper plate to get the paint on the tush  


  1. lay out materials outside. We laid the paper on a trash bag just in case, but the washable paint is fairly easy to clean up if need be. Have paint ready to go
  2. Undress and use brush to paint paint on baby bum
  3. Stamp the print
  4. Let dry while babe takes a quick bath.
  5. Decorate with crayons and/or markers to better illustrate the pumpkin theme!!  

The project took less than 5 minutes, fortunately I had Grant's help this morning to make it even easier between stamping and clean-up :)