Ovia App- Incredible Pregnancy Tracker

Let me jumpstart this post by sharing this glowing milestone :)  



Hooray! We made it to minimal viability! What does this mean? At 24 weeks, Baby Allen #2 now has a 10-20% chance of surviving outside the womb. Now that doesn't seem huge, but it is something! Before 24 weeks, most hospitals across the United States will not use any intervention (breathing/feeding tubes etc) to try and maintain life of the baby if a mother goes into pre-term labor before this point-- so we've now crossed a threshold for safety!!  Next up: 28 weeks when viability increases to 90%! These next few weeks really really matter! 

Tracking major milestones like this is one of the reasons I so adore the Ovia pregnancy tracker app. Having downloaded just about every one out there, this is the very first app that hasn't left me wanting more. A quick check-in allows me to see the status of my Growing baby (even has an option to note I've been diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix!) and also allows me to synch with my Fitbit and input my own data from weight to appointments or ultrasound photos. If you're expecting, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to download. It is he kind of app that you "get what you put in" so invest 5 minutes each week to updating it with what is going on in your pregnancy and you will be maintaining a great record to share with your doctors or review when you hit your next pregnancy! 

happy Monday!