25 weeks: The Journey Continues

Here is to hoping week 25 of this pregnancy is a bit less eventful than week 24!

On Sunday, we officially became 25 weekers. Since being admitted last Wednesday, in a sense we have increased our viability by 10% which is huge when you think about it. Between weeks 24 and 26, viability is increased by 2-3% per day, with every 12 hour period really making a big difference. If born this week, our little girl would still be considered a "micro-premie" but is growing rapidly and we are maintaining faith we can endure this marathon. From a size perspective, Baby A is now the size of cauliflower- and let me tell you- a very active one! She keeps knocking off the contraction monitors with her kicks! 

From The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

From The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

The big picture goal of course is to make it to full-term (at least 37 out of the 40 weeks) but 28 weeks is the nearer goal that will get us to 90% viability and significantly decrease risks of cerebral palsy/ severe disability. 

Right now our biggest concern aside from morbidity is neurodevelopment and disability. Still in our second trimester, if born today our daughter would likely face severe challenges which we are working with neonatologists to best prepare for.



The reality is terrifying, but trying to remember this is a marathon and staying put for a few long weeks means Graceface will have a lifetime of memories with her little sister. Fortunately, she has adjusted beautifully and is enjoying spending time at Camp Kennedy with my parents- and I am sure Kellydog is loving the vacation at Uncle Pat & Aunt Simone's as well.

Now that Grant is back in town after his very successful OMF Conference at the Cleveland Clinic, they will likely allow me to be in a wheel chair for 10-15 minutes a day so he can push me outside which would be nice to have a change of scenery and some California sunshine! Fingers crossed! We have been put in the "stable" category for now with perfect vitals for both me and baby girl, indications that we are not facing infection or any progression of labor. Boring is good.

Being day 6 of bedrest and stuck in room 172 for the long haul, I have been blessed to enjoy visits from friends and family- and lots of Facetime calls with friends all over the world to help pass the time! I am playing tons of Scrabble and wordswithfriends, killing time with little craft activities, brushing up on my Spanish with Duolingo and have found great comfort in pregnancy meditations recommended to me by other mamas who have been in the same boat. I am also reading about a book a day, so if you have any recommendations- please send them over!!

A great deal of time has also been spent researching and educating myself on not only how my baby girl is growing with each day, but how my body is deconditioning from bedrest - a serious concern with my muscles deteriorating at about 12% a week and bone density (increasing likelihood for kidney stones) at up to 8% through disuse osteoperosis. I am working with dieticians and physical therapists to maintain whatever strength I can- but I will save all of that for another post.

Happy Monday!! Hope you have a great week and please please please update those Facebook, Twitter and instagram feeds so I can be living vicariously through the adventures of you and yours!