Camp Bedrest: Rebranding the Experience

Despite being attached to a bed, flat on my back 24 hours a day, I am not sleeping much. That said, around 2am it dawned on my always-on marketing brain that to stay positive the next few weeks, I need to re-brand this situation. During my last pregnancy, I oversaw an extremely large ($$$$) rebranding of my former company after our acquisition, and to be frank, I've been missing that challenge. 

So welcome to the "official" unveiling of, Camp Bedrest!

Admittedly this logo needs some work!

Admittedly this logo needs some work!

We have made it to Day 10 of Camp Bedrest, which comes with some phenomenal milestones- an increase in viability by 20% and we have cut down a potential NICU stay by an entire month! Sunday we will celebrate reaching 26 weeks and my body is hanging in here at stable condition, with only minor braxton hicks contractions, no onset of labor but still 2cms dilated (we assume, could be more dilated but not doing a physical exam unless anything changes or until week 28).

So why "Camp"? Well I feel like camp is something you may be hesitant to go to at first, it is unknown and scary and for a daunting amount of time... but eventually, you can look back and laugh and find some good memories of the time spent and lessons learned. Also, "hospitalized bedrest" just sounds sterile, boring and completely depressing. Camp can be fun (though I admit this is far from glamping!) but also a time of "survival" - which is where I feel I am at right now. It occurred to me there are so many similarities to hospital bedrest and being sent away to summer camp against your will as a child (I actually loved Camp Campbell of the Redwoods, though):

  • All of a sudden I have people telling me what to do and when to do it
  • Arts & Crafts are a main attraction
  • Plenty of time to read
  • The food is terrible but gets the job done and all meals provided for me
  • Miss family and friends like mad, but everyone writes to keep in touch
  • The bunk really isn't all that comfortable, but its "mine"
  • You are forced to make new friends- with people who also don't really want to be here (the nurses have been exceptional)
  • It is only temporary

So while one could point out all of the differences (I haven't been outside or even left the confines of my room yet, so I definitely haven't gone on any hikes... and unfortunately no smores), I am choosing to consider this an opportunity to explore my daily activity list! (have I mentioned I love activities?!)

  • Knit, Crochet and Needlepoint (amazing friends have sent me kits to learn all three!)
  • Read: My hospital library is overflowing with books from family and friends, probably almost 2 dozen titles to tackle, averaging a book a day!
  • Meditate: I've been spending 30-45 minutes each evening unwinding and doing visualizations/meditations I have found online, helps put the harder days in perspective and prepare me for the battles to come
  • Color: adult coloring books are seriously worth all the hype!
  • Facetime or catch up with friends: the nurses laugh because I am always on Facetime chatting with friends & their babies or have a stream of visitors - I recognize things get busy and likely this will settle down a bunch in the coming weeks but it has been amazing to pass time these past 10 days
  • Read letters from friends and family: my walls are decorated with quotes and notes of inspiration - when I feel a waterfall of tears coming, I just read and re-read - everyone has a story, I am so honored so many of you have shared yours
  • Pray - more than ever, taking time for prayer has become a staple to get through each day
  • Spanish: I've been practicing my very very basic Spanish. I have little hope that it will really improve all that greatly as I have taken Spanish lessons since 5th grade with little success, but I hope to at least be able to read Graceface some children's stories en espanol without completely botching the language
  • Physical Therapy: this is really un-exciting as it essentially includes rolling my ankles and breathing into a peak-flow meter. But checking off an activity gives me some sense of accomplishment
  • Board games: I may be bed bound, but I am still competitive
  • spa- my friend Cathryn suggested getting face masks and doing some pampering- a wise suggestion- my skin is going to be glowing by the time I get out of here! 

So ya, these are not exactly your typical camp activities, but they are keeping me busy!**

Hope you and your loved ones enjoy a wonderful weekend! Please please please be updating your instagram and facebook feeds with photos- I love living vicariously through your adventures and seeing your smiling faces! Hope to see some pumpkin patch pics of the little ones!


KKA, Day 10

** note - please please please do not ask me "so what do you do all day" - nothing stresses me out more than feeling like I have to prove my time is being well spent while on this emotional rollercoaster - I am doing my best to fill these days, and honestly won't be writing the next great American novel even though you may think I have the time. Somehow, especially with all of my awesome visitors, the days are slipping by more quickly than anticipated - and my baby girl is cookin! Kthanksbye