Camp Bedrest Day 11: An Ode to My Incredible Mama

"God works in mysterious ways."

We have heard the saying before, but never has it proved so true for me. Last March when I found out Grant was going to be transferred to Palo Alto to run the fund out of the West Coast office, I was filled with mixed emotions. I had left Silicon Valley 13 years prior, with the last decade being spent in Washington, D.C. - a city I had grown to love and where I felt I had cultivated my own path- growing from a girl to a woman surrounded by amazing friends and a bevy of professional opportunity. Never in a million years had I imagined moving home.

Last night, from my little beige hospital room, I heard the sound of fireworks and cheers flowing over from my high school that backs up to hospital room I am laying in as St. Francis took on my brother's alma mater, Bellarmine. Undoubtedly, I am home- and now glad to be.

My mom has been my best friend since the beginning of time, of course with some tender teenage years in between. Even though 3,000+ miles separated us for 1/3 of my life, Barb has always been the person I talk to most (an hour a day?!), about everything...and always the first to the rescue.

When I was admitted here on Wednesday, October 14th, Barb had actually picked Grace & I up earlier that afternoon to have lunch before my doctor's appointment- with all of our stuff in tow because we were taking a girls roadtrip down to the Palm Springs house the following morning. 

Grace was sleeping when I went to the appointment so I left her at Grandbarb's house, took Grandbarb's car (which had her phone and wallet in it- whoops) and headed down the street to my MFMs office. When they told me what was going on and that it was an emergency and I was being admitted, I frantically texted my mom- but I had her phone. I got ahold of her and without hesitation she stepped up to care for Grace...and me. (and everything else, honestly)

A woman who battles daily with the cruel ailment of MS, didn't even think twice before signing up to be the caregiver of our 14 month old- even knowing Graceface is a lot of work. With Grant having to flee town the day after I was admitted for the OMF conference last weekend, that put 100% responsibility for taking care of me in the hospital and Grace 24/7 on my parents - and they were happy to do it- even with vacation plans crushed :) From night wake-ups to early morning feedings and diapers galore, they chased her all about, dressed her (and of course bought all new clothes instead of just going to my house and raiding her existing wardrobe) and have handled everything these past 11 days with the exceptional finesse of a mom who knows what she is doing. Mom finally understood why sometimes when we visit Graceface has dirty knees on her beautiful new outfits and why I had been guilty of a "perfume shower" more than once. Raising a 1 year old is hard... yet Barb is flourishing with the challenge--- and Grace is too!

And mom has also taken care of me. Every day (sometimes twice!) she brings our daughter to visit- transferring our little lumberjack to and from a carseat... bringing her in kicking and screaming along with a stroller filled with things to make this hospital feel more like home. From snacks and crafts to a quilt for my bed and clean laundry... SuperMom has come to the rescue in more ways than I could ever imagine. I am fortunate to witness with amazement all that she does.

I have the blessing of knowing that the woman who raised me to tackle this challenge, is raising my beautiful daughter.

I honestly cannot imagine going through this chapter without having someone I trust so implicitly with my daughter and my daughter's wellbeing. Being cooped up in a room only escalates anxiety, but I have the blessing of knowing that the woman who raised me to tackle this challenge, is raising my beautiful daughter. Sure it helps that Grandbarb is Graceface's favorite person (she likes Grandbarb more than her own mom and dad) and the two of them bounce around town dressed as twins and happy as can be- but more than that they now have an opportunity to build a relationship and continue it because we are so close by. My mom has taken my husband and daughter in, keeping them fed and the house clean and has truly been the CEO of this whole experience- managing all of the needs for everyone without missing a beat.

Mom, I love you, and I am SO lucky to have you by my side, caring for my sweet Grace. Thank you!!


Taken at Grace's First Birthday  

Taken at Grace's First Birthday