Celebrating 26 weeks! Camp Bedrest Day 12

Big milestone today as we have officially made it to Week 26! In other news, I also awoke to a 6am 3 hour glucose tolerance screening (ie blood drawn every hour + sugar drinks) but fortunately all happened in my new room- which is like a suite and has views of the garden and hummingbirds!! Room 166 for the win!

With this new week comes increased viability and decreased permanent disability - two statistics we are ever-so-grateful for! If born during gestational weeks 22-26, a baby is categorized as an "extreme micro-preemie". Next week we graduate to just "extremely Premature" which means most organs will be fully developed and functioning fortunately. I've included an image from the Penut Study below that provides statistics around viability and disability for week 26.



On Friday Grant & I toured the NICU and met with the doctors there. It was honestly heartbreaking. I have been trying to stay very positive, but seeing these tiny little loves covered in monitors and cords just stung- I had a very very difficult time holding back tears imaging our little girl there. It was a great incentive to keep her cooking, and to recognize the "magic" the NICU nurses and doctors perform watching over these sweet dolls. Most shocking was seeing a baby boy born at 29 weeks whose knee was the size of my pinky-- to think we are still 3 weeks out from being that gestation - I cannot begin to imagine if baby girl was born today.

On a happier note, to celebrate reaching the 26 milestone, Grant & Grace are coming by this afternoon with the ultimate indulgence: Domino's Thin Crust Pepperoni Pizza with a side of Ranch... yes, he has basically bribed me to keep my active self inbed, but it is working! I'd do anything for pizza (okay, really I will do ANYTHING for a healthy baby girl- but the pizza will be a nice change from hospital food!) 

Hope you and yours enjoyed a great weekend!