Camp Bedrest Day 16: Art Therapy

Apparently my Bedrest Blues are no secret, and my incredible nurse has been doing everything to cheer me up. In all honesty, I am feeling much much better today and was doing okay yesterday, I think I just needed a time-out on Tuesday without visitors to just process the past two weeks. Sometimes a little wallowing (i.e. addressing those deep down feelings) can be the best therapy!

Another reason I am doing better? Dr. R put it in perspective when he said, "Well Kate, the scariest parts are behind us, everything from here on out is a bonus!" Cha-ching! 

None-the-less, Nurse Alix hit me with all the hospital has to offer. From helping to tidy and brighten my room with new sheets, to music therapy and art therapy! Had she not gone through the effort of arranging on my behalf, I never would have done the programs, but they did break up the day and bring a smile to my face. First was music therapy where an extremely talented musician serenaded me by guitar for thirty minutes. I spent some time just closing my eyes and relaxing (it helped to drown out the screaming babies on this floor that have been keeping me up). Soon after, a lady with an "Art Cart" arrived for Art Therapy - which basically meant a new slew of art supplies to play with for 20 minutes. It was a little odd as she just sat there staring at me while I tried to finish my mod podge mask asap so she would leave, but as I hadn't used Mod Podge in about 20 years-especially with tissue paper- it was fun to re-live childhood. My husband rolled his eyes when he saw I made the mask in all blues... obviously to the tune of "I am Blue la de da la de da la de..."

work in progress

work in progress

I am in a much better frame of mind today knowing I just have 10 days or so left in the hospital. Missing all of you on the outside world but truly appreciating the visits, calls, emails and love! Hoe you are enjoying a haunt halloween week! x