Camp Bedrest Day 32: back in the hospital for awhile...

 (note: on my cell typing as I don't have my laptop so bare with me/my poor grammar/thought process)

Last night goes into the "top 10" category for scariest moments ever. The bleeding and pain I mentioned in yesterday's post had mostly subsided, but my MFM who had received my email with pictures of the blood wanted me to go straight to L&D to see her colleague. She replied to my email and called me, urging me to go in, but honestly I wasn't in a huge rush as I was feeling on the other side of things... 

Wanting to stay and learn more about the horror unfolding in Paris, I begrudgingly got in my wheelchair and went out to the car, packing a few extra "necessities" in my purse just in case... 

The hospital was a mad house, thank you Friday the 13th and a new computer system. I was immediately hooked up to monitors with blood drawn. Grant and I Killed time waiting playing WordsWithFriends, and by playing, I mean I destroyed him :)

Dr R (one of my favorites) was on call and eventually came around to do an exam where he concluded I had a partial placental abruption - a somewhat common occurrence (discovered in 1:150 pregnancies, sometimes goes undetected) where the placenta separates from the uterine wall early- causing premature birth or still birth. With very real risks of potentially having to deliver if things progress, I was being admitted again for at least 4-5 days for observations. 

Frustrated, I was happy to at least have a game plan. Grant and I continued to play while I got another round of betamethasone steroid shots for the baby's lungs, drew more blood and did a whole ton of weird tests since I had been in the hospital in the past month. Then quickly, I started getting pretty painful contractions out of nowhere, about every four minutes. The nurse came in concerned and noted that maybe my uterus was irritated and reacting to the exam, probably the contractions would go away. Dr R rushed in a few minutes later saying he wanted to start me on anti-contraction meds- only problem is I am deathly allergic to aspirin so indocin was not an option.  

IV running fast bags of fluids, I started on 10grams of procardia, prescribed to get another dose in 4 hours. I sent Grant home as it was midnight and I knew I was in good hands. Unfortunately my contractions failed to slow, instead picked up rapidly and were growing in intensity, now 3 minutes apart. I was given another dose of procardia and that also didn't do the trick. Twenty minutes later another dose, followed by visits from Dr R explaining that my contractions were now 2 minutes apart and the on-call OB/gyn would come to discuss options if we couldn't stop labor. 

The nurse told me to call Grant. He rushed over. When Dr L (the OBGYN on call) came in, she examined me, noting I was now 3cms dilated and she could feel the baby's head. I was shaking uncontrollably when Grant arrived- terrified but more a physical manifestation of labor that I had forgotten about from my first delivery. While Dr R had suggested we be ready for a emergency C section at anytime, Dr L gave me hope that if we were truly delivering, she would help me have a vaginal delivery if possible. (She herself is 30 weeks pregnant!) 

We were terrified. Only 29 weeks (tomorrow). The contractions were not coming under control. I was also starving (hand't eaten since lunch) and hangry. Had we not gone into the hospital, we wouldn't have had the cervical check that was causing these contractions and possible labor.   

In triage, only a thin curtain seperated us from a couple who was told they had to be induced at 37 weeks due to gestational diabetes/aging placenta. This couple took six hours-- six-- debating with their doc to postpone because they didn't want a "premature" baby even though the docs assured them 37 is considered term. Grant almost punched them as they complained how their child wouldn't have the best odds developmentally "being born so early" because they read children have the highest IQs being born after 39. Confession: I actually wanted Grant to punch him... Or at least shake him and congratulate him on having a full term baby and being in a great hospital to deliver...

Another round of procardia settled down the contractions to be manageable fortunately, so 14 hours later we are still sitting here in triage figuring out if I go to Labor and Delivery or the Antepartum/Moms Unit.  Looking like Moms Unit for observation!! 

I am processing the nightmare of last night (words don't do it justice in describing the roller coaster of emotions). On one hand the Incompetent Cervix and Partial Placental abruption have nothing to do with each other from the POV of clinical studies. My body just stinks at being pregnant. On the other, maybe they do- at the very least it means I am really high risk and the best place for me is here. I am wondering if the dilation would have progressed without the exam, what would have happened if we just monitored closely at home. 

I am honestly in a bit of ill spirits, frustrated and trying not to be defeated. Glad we didn't deliver right now, but surviving off a mixture of anxiety and adrenaline.  

Hope you and yours enjoy a nice weekend!