Update: Baby Girl coming!

Quick update. I've been admitted now to Labor & Delivery. The pessary has been removed and I am about 4.5cms dilated, 80% effaced and having pretty hefty contractions every 90 seconds. I am on the magnesium drip which fortunately isn't so bad. I am 29 weeks.

We've met with the neonatologists which was terrifying but had all of the grandparents here for the meeting actually which was nice to have everyone in the same page re:extended care. Grant is setting up cord blood banking as I type this, we banked Grace's with CBR and as a last minute decision giving birth at 29 weeks, decided to go ahead with this little girl's cord blood and tissue as well through CBR.

My water hasn't broken and since baby is doing well on the monitors, we are just waiting it out. Likely she is coming today, maybe tomorrow if we can get an extra day of incubation in. 

Really grateful to have our family here. Mom made my favorite cookies this morning for when I'll finally be able to eat after delivery and is sitting with a coloring book in the waiting room- unwilling to leave even though it may be a few hours, and dad is getting me my favorite sandwich (after delivering Grace all I wanted was a sandwich!) Pat and Simone are watching Grace and my mother-in-law is helping Grant by managing things at the new house.  

I am a bag of emotions, excited to meet her but also terrified. Because she is being born so early, I won't get a chance to hold her for probably 24 hours and it looks like she won't come home with us until end of January. The holidays are bound to be tough. (Though I already told my dad that his new granddaughter is his 60th birthday gift- his birthday coming up Friday!)  

love you all, thanks for walking alongside our growing family on this difficult journey. 


Baby girls home for the next few months... 

Baby girls home for the next few months...