Crafting on Bedrest: Busy Bag Mr. Potato Head kits for Toddler Travel

"Have baby, will travel" has been our motto since Grace was born. Within three weeks of birth she had gone on two 4+ hour roadtrips to visit great grandparents and was on her first cross-country plane ride at 6 weeks - 15 flights by age 1. Under age 1 is easy, but as we know, curious toddlers need distractions, which initially led me to a search for busy bags and quiet books.

I was absolutely delighted when one of the mom's from my Mother's Together group invited me to participate in a "Busy Bag Exchange" where each mom makes a dozen of one type of busy bag, and then goes home with a dozen new bags to keep her toddler distracted throughout the upcoming holiday travel season. From all the research I had done, I immediately knew I wanted to make the Mr. Potato Head velcro games as my project- providing children an opportunity to quietly and creatively dress their own flat Mr. Potato Head with a variety of hats, shoes, eyes, and other parts in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

When I ended up in the hospital, Sarah asked if I still wanted to participate, offering to help in any and every imaginable way (the sweetest!). Fortunately I figured I had this covered as I would have plenty of time to tackle the dozen MPH Bags. I debated cutting and sewing out of felt, but finally decided on just doing printed and laminated (waterproof! you never know what will happen with a carton of milk on a tray table during a turbulent flight!) I ordered up a laminator and got to work! (My nurses all think I may be the first person to ever have a laminator sent to a hospital room... hmmm)

After scouring the web, I landed on Jayme Carlton's awesome templates which were easy to just print off on cardstock, cut and laminate. Using both the main template and the additional accessories template  provided more variety for the kids' imaginations.


Give it a try!



1. Download the Files from Jayme Carleton's Website here and print on cardstock

2. Laminate sheets 

3. Cut all printed parts out and organize

4. Add rough side of velcro dots to potato where a hat, eyes, hands/ears, nose, mouth and shoes go. All individual parts should have the soft side of the velcro dots (less rough when your child is putting her hand in the bag).

5. Assemble bags and give away!!! 

I am hoping to do something similar on a snowman for the holidays, could also do a tree and ornaments!