Camp Bedrest Day 26: Home Sweet Home at 28 Weeks!

It's official, I am home home - back in my childhood home under my parents roof, pulling a Regina George from Mean Girls and even "Switching Rooms" with them. (Their bedroom is on the first floor and as I'm not allowed to walk upstairs, they're discovering for the first time that I actually had the best room all along with views in every direction! But I feel awful about all of the upheaval this has caused for everyone) 28 weeks has finally come, and there is a huge sigh of relief coming from everyone in our family and on our medical team -- we still have three months to go, but we made it to the "safety zone"!

28 weeks:

We will do an official growth scan on Monday at my MFM's office but my discharge ultrasound showed we were mostly stable, no amniotic fluid leakage and baby had flipped and was heads down, no longer breech! Big prayers she stays that way! 

According to BabyCenter, she is the size of an Eggplant this week - and I believe it! Our very active little eggplant keeps rolling about and we can actually see it which is fun! Now that she has reached 28 weeks, all of her vital organs are developed, she can blink, and she has reached 90% viability (some doctors claim even 95%+ viability as we are such close access to level III & IV NICUs when the time comes). The "Sixth Month" in pregnancy is a delicate one - weeks 24-28 are truly when the miracle of viability outside the womb occurs. Now on to the 7th, still technically have 12 weeks to go (3 months seems like forever!) but the worst is behind us. (Your prayers are working! Thank you!) 

If baby was to be be born this next month, between weeks 28-32, she would be considered "very pre-term" but we have graduated past the stages of "micro-preemie" and "extremely premature" - something we had been preparing for with the support of the awesome Neonatologists at Stanford's El Camino NICU. I would still need a magnesium drip but we probably would not try to delay labor any more as I am deathly allergic to Aspirin and Indomethacin is ibuprofen based.  Being born now, Baby Girl would likely stay in the NICU until end of January 2016, but we are confident she would be in good hands and have an opportunity to develop properly now that she has passed this big 28 week milestone-one of the reasons we were able to discuss me being discharged, and eventually decided I would go home and continue the strict bedrest from here. 

Life at Home:

It feels SO good to be home, I even had the chance to wake up this morning with Graceface in my arms (after she refused to go back to sleep at 2am so Grant brought her down with us for a family sleepover). Husband and baby in bed, life was as good as I could imagine! No more sirens, beeps, screens or screaming newborns keeping me up all night. No more vital checks every three hours or long monitoring sessions. No more hospital wristbands getting in the way of my arm knitting--- I feel great! 

But that "great" feeling is a double-edged sword. I feel invincible and slightly victorious for having made it to week 28 with the odds stacked against us. For those who know me, I tend to be a bit competitive/ Type A / Self-sufficient, and the fear is not being strapped to a hospital bed may make me more likely to push it. Doctor D would have liked to keep me until  week 32 at the hospital, but as I was doing so well being obedient and staying stable, we agreed I could resume complete bedrest at home. Insurance was also becoming a nightmare. The challenge is I now have an adorable 15 month old I just want to care for, lift up, and play legos with on the floor- none of which I can do as I need to be staying reclined. 

Being out of the clinical setting has been a great emotional booster for me, though I do need to recognize the added stress for my loved ones who now are having to take care of me (bring me meals, wait as I shower, babysit me so that I am not playing too aggressively with Grace even in bed.) When I did home bedrest for 14 weeks while pregnant with Grace, I fortunately only had a dog to worry about, so I was able to be solo (with the help of a dogwalker) all day while Grant worked - and he would just help bring the necessities. I am on a much more strict form of bedrest this time around since I am already dilated with water bulging, unable to really help myself or my child which is a struggle as I physically feel wonderful (the progesterone shots do this to me!) I feel guilty asking for water refills, or bothering my parents who have now been displaced out of their lavish master bedroom and are babysitting our little girl around the clock. My mother-in-law comes tomorrow to help, but again, I just feel awful being an inconvenience and adding work to everyone- especially when I feel so good. (Relatively good, my muscles still hurt and I was made aware of my disuse osteoperosis, but overall, I don't feel like I should be stuck in bed!)

Fortunately, although El Camino is called the "Hospital of Silicon Valley" the internet was so poor I couldn't stream any video (I only watched the CMAs and Captain America the entire time I was at the hospital- mostly read and crafted) so I now have at least a weeks worth of binge watching Netflix, Hulu  and OnDemand to keep me occupied and bedridden. We are looking into a wheelchair so I can get outside a bit more, though I really need to be in a reclined, not seated position for the time-being.

I am eager to move into our new home (we closed the day before I was admitted at 24 weeks) but Grant was a bit inspired by HGTV and is having new hardwood floors put in, rooms painted and lights hung and built-ins re-purposed so I have no idea what the house is going to look like when I get in there (remember my post on stress causing pre term labor? Ya well I had really hoped to decorate my home once things settled down but that is another story...) but it is unfortunately not a place we could live in right now, especially in this condition so were all at Camp Kennedy for the next few weeks...

That is our update here for now, I'll continue to post about life on home bedrest as I know many of the amazing moms-to-be I have connected with through this blog are under the same "prescription" and to be honest, blogging about everything has been the most therapeutic remedy for me to process this turn of events.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers on this next leg of the journey-- you have helped us come so far and each comment, message, note and prayer has meant more than words could ever express. We still have a long 3 months ahead but are so grateful we had the chance to save this baby girl and get this pregnancy back on the right track. God works in mysterious mysterious ways...