Busy is as Busy does

This morning a gentleman posted a thoughtful post on Facebook stating that a stay-at-home-mom is just as busy as the CEO of Apple. While his comments were filled with "mom-power" praisers, as a stay at home mom who lives directly across from Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, I have to disagree. I have the free time to spy on his insane schedule all the time :) I guarantee Tim doesn't have the time to return the favor...

Now, let me state that I completely agree with my friend's brilliant point that we should all think before we claim we are too busy, and that we each have the power to decide how we spend our 24 hours. That said, all of the prioritization in the world does not account for the varying degrees of responsibility we have. 

I am responsible for my three health care clients professionally and personally maintaining a tidy home while keeping my 11 month old well-fed, entertained, and reasonably clean (we're in a messy messy stage right now)- getting dinner on the table and having laundry done are a bonus. I also wake up every morning before the baby and my husband are awake to walk the dog and make breakfast and try to get a load in the washer. That is a choice. If I decided to sleep in until 6:30 one morning, the effects would be minimal. But my neighbor Tim Cook? He has the responsibility of weighing and prioritizing based not only on forgiving loved ones, but also shareholders and even more importantly - the livelihood of 80,000+ employees-- which then directly impacts the families of those 80k+ employees. 

Yes, I am more than guilty of waving the "Busy Flag" - my new role as a mom is far more overwhelming than I could have imagined. But I am also sick of mom's playing the pity-party- my facebook feed is constantly filled with moms complaining that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. I can sympathize with them in many ways, but being a mom, especially a full-time mom is a choice. A very very very very difficult choice (I really think it is one of the most difficult jobs in the world-- thank you mom for raising us!) It is an exhausting choice and yes picking up the phone to call someone back can seem impossible- I get it. But again, it is a position mom's should be grateful for, and stop complaining about. Being a mom is being a mom- and it is an insane schedule, but if you look up a synonym for "mom" unfortunately you are not going to see "busy"- even if we all think you should. Being a mom is a gift, not a job. Tomorrow will come, and it may be another tough day with a terrible two-er, but what a blessing to have the opportunity to pack your schedule full of music class, making organic baby food, and reveling in ever fleeting moment together (and the hours that seem to pass to slowly). It is just a matter of perspective.