Kid-Friendly Tacolicious - Quick, delicious eats in downtown PA

When I set out to write this blog, one goal was to highlight the kid-friendly places we were discovering. While I had grown up in the area, moving back after 13 years away and now with a 1 year old and pregnant with number 2- I have the opportunity to see the Peninsula through a mom lens. 

6pm Saturday night, I looked at my husband and begged him to take me out to dinner. Sure we both glanced at the clock knowing that witching hour (7pm) was creeping our way - but I didn't want to mess up the clean kitchen and just wanted to get out of the house. Always craving Mexican, we decided to walk over to Tacolicious (632 Emerson Street Palo Alto, CA) - and boy was I glad we did!

Every time we have gone has been great service, great food, and extremely kid-friendly. The restaurant was crowded but we parked the stroller right on up to the empty lower handi-cap bar. Instantaneously hot chips and delicious tangy salsa were before us while the bartender got our drink order. We quickly observed just how many families were enjoying their Saturday evening there - at least half the tables filled with multiple generations but the restaurant didn't feel overly "kiddie" at all.

My favorite part of Tacolicious is that even if you are sitting inside, the giant windows make you feel like you are dining al fresco. We quickly ordered a variety of tacos to share and summer squash empanadas and each bite was better than the one before. When I asked for the check just as our food came/ the babe was starting down a dark path - our bartender offered boxes to go, gave a sympathetic look, and had our check ready in 30 seconds. 

A+++ on food, service and kid-friendly atmosphere- while still catering to the needs of a mom and dad hanging on to being even slightly hip on their Saturday night. Thank you, Tacolicious, you're helping Palo Alto feel just a little but more like home :)