Bonus Points for Beckham!

Former Footballer/Heartthrob David Beckham today stood up to critics who ridiculed his 4 year old daughter, Harper, for using a pacifier. Yes, 4 years old is on the older spectrum from what is typically seen, but as Beckham pointed out - no one should be criticizing his kid, or how he and his wife, former Spice Girl and fashion designer Victoria Beckham raise their children. 

I cannot imagine raising children in such a spotlite where everyone seems to have an opinion. I will be honest that as celebrities, I may not be the duos biggest fan, but I do have to applaud the family on how they have raised their kids -- ranging in ages from 16 down to 4 years old-- all of whom have stayed out of the headlines and out of trouble. I can't imagine it is an easy job, but kudos to them and extra bonus points to David for telling reporters and nay-sayers that they are in no position to criticize any father's parenting choices.