The wait is over! Update #3 on Baby Allen #2

Yesterday was one for the books. With Gracen's 1st birthday party the day before, coupled with the fact that we received about 90 minutes of sleep each as she also got two molars and a front right tooth over night, we started the day pretty exhausted. Later in the morning we found out my dad was going in for emergency kidney stone lasering and then Kellydog ran away... without her collar on. It seemed we were getting punched at every turn while I eagerly clicked "refresh" a bajillion times awaiting the pessary package to be delivered that was supposed to arrive last Friday.

After a frustratingly long wait for an overnighted package (albeit from Europe) after tweeting that I was going to go stalk the UPS truck in my neighborhood, UPS actually responded with a tweet within 5 minutes and immediately had the driver drop off the pessary. Amazing customer service (though pretty funny they had never responded to my phone calls on Friday or Monday morning). The power of twitter followers :)

Anxiously, I ripped open the package covered in "extremely urgent" packaging tape and pulled out the much anticipated device that we had put all bets on to save the life of our baby girl. It looked something you'd find in the hardware store as an unidentified plumbing piece. Fitting.

The hubs got the UPS arrival notification and hopped in the car to come pick me up and within 15 minutes we were at the women's hospital. Overall, the procedure was completely uneventful and quick - almost ironic. I felt a little like a car getting a minor part installed - only this was a pretty big deal and the "mechanics" were poised but nervous as they hadn't much experience. While some discomfort, very little pain but a whole lot of relief. The pessary was in (and only the 5th the hospital had ever performed!). I could breath again. We go back in tomorrow for another cervical length ultrasound. I feel great despite some continued discomfort.

For a day that had posed a mountain of challenges, everything worked out alright. A neighbor had found Kellydog and another heard us looking for her and connected the dots so she was returned safely. Dad is doing great, glad to be on the other side of the kidney stone pain. And I feel like a huge weight has been lifted now that we were able to act on the decision that was so tough for us to make as a family. All of those thoughts and prayers your sent our way were answered. Thank you, guardian angels really do walk beside us.