Baby on Board: the real meaning behind the signs

I caught wind of an online debate over the "Baby on Board" signs so many parents tag to their minivans, and was surprised by the sheer number of folks who do not understand the impact of the "Baby on Board" tags. While I can empathize with the number of single posters who found the signs to be obnoxious "why should I drive more carefully around your car just because you have a baby?!" I think it is worth a mention that so few people in pop culture recognize the real importance -- to alert first responders that there is a person in the car unable to get themselves out of their seat.

There have been numerous debates of the merits of these signs- and in full disclosure our family does not use them. It has been argues that what if the sign is posted yet the child isn't actually present on the car trip and emergency responders waste their time looking for a child and neglect first rescuing adults. Others have brought to attention that the signs tend to only further aggravate drivers to the point of road rage when driving behind a slow driver with one of these signs. The list goes on and on. But at the end of the day in my opinion, an ounce of added protection - as silly as the signs may be - likely does more good than harm.