Hobees: Serving Kid-friendly Breakfasts for Decades

One of my favorite restaurants growing up -- and places to hit whenever I was home from the East coast - has always been Hobees. Now, although just about every location leaves a ton to be desired for from an ambiance perspective, the food and service is always on par making it a family favorite for our next generation. As their website says, Hobee's is an award winning Silicon Valley tradition since 1974!

In my younger years, I came for the signature blueberry coffee cake with drippy, melting butter running down the crumbling sides and an energy blend (smoothie). Today, without hesitation my order is the "Almost Joe's" scramble with ground beef, gouda and spinach. Delicious and filling all day! 

While I have always loved the place, what makes me love it even more is how kid-friendly the staff is and how accommodating they are to families. The clientle is a mix  - lots of VC/Start-up CEOs talking nerdy over coffee and a few tables with multi-generations of families and others filled with ladies-who-lunch-types. While they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, we make breakfast a habit. 

Graceface delighted by the smiling fruit plate

Graceface delighted by the smiling fruit plate

Right when we arrive, they greeted Grace with a smile, pulled up a high-chair to our table and quickly brought out a playmat with crayons. Many places do this but Hobee's goes above and beyond bringing a smiley face fruit plate out right away - giving us a few seconds to catch our breath, have a first jolt of coffee and peruse the menu while she plays and eats. At the Palo Alto location, there is a whole wall of books and toys to occupy kiddos while we eat and thought we haven't checked it out yet, apparently kids eat free on Wednesday nights!

***** 5 Stars for this Silicon Valley Tradition