What we didn't need to register for... (Baby Registry Continued)

Things we didnt Use:

1. The Bumbo Seat -- she only sat in a few times, grew out of it quickly and never really liked it. Was awkward to figure out where to put it as youre not supposed to put on a table but why have her sit on the floor if you have to be on the floor anyway. 

2. Diaper Bag: I never used one, I just use my day to day LV never full with an insert. 

3. Special Baby Towels- you will inevitably get these as gifts- and they are cute - but as long as you have clean towels, you dont need special sizes- they grow so quickly! 

4. Baby Food makers--- never really used it. Blended a few things, but we instantly were on to whole foods smashed up like avocados, bananas, peas, etc. I made most f my own baby food, and never saw the need for anything other than what was in my kitchen

5. Hands Free Pump Bustier-- I just never could feel comfortable or get it to sit properly

6. Changing Table - we had one but you dont actually need one- you can easily change a baby on any surface and have pads. After 8-9 months, you cant get a kid to stay still on one so it just takes up space but good to have to save your back until then if you have space. 

7. Wipes Warmer

8. Bottle Warmer-- used for about a week

9. Baby gloves- just get newborn pajamas that have the hand covers built in.

10. Bottle drying station -- 

11. Nursing clothes-- so many of your clothes will work http://www.shopburu.com has all nursing friendly designer clothes. nursing specific tends to be ugly

12. Burp Cloths. Register for a few - but we were always just using a blanket/bib/onesie- never seemed to have the burp cloth the moment we needed them. Youll also likely receive some as gifts so wouldnt recommend registering for too many

13. Rattles -- we had all of these baby toys/soft rattles and she never had any interest. When I surveyed my friends, they said the same thing. By the time the baby discovers them, theyre on to the next toy. (which is why Kelly inherited Grace Burts Bees rattle haha)

14. Books-- you do need a lot of baby books, but inevitably you will receive quite a few as gifts from friends throughout the first year- around holidays, etc. We built our book collection picking one up on every trip as a token to remember the trip by. If there are a few specific titles you want, by all means, register as people love to gift books - I just wouldnt go overboard as soon you have a full bookcase

(note: this is taken from an email I have circulated to friends, forgive the informal context and poor punctuation!)