Maternity Leave and Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!'s CEO - Expecting Twins and Planning "Limited Time Off"

Techcrunch broke the news that Yahoo's! famed CEO Marissa Mayer is expecting twins... and planning on "limited time off" after the baby is born. While the controversy will undoubtedly flourish over the next few days, wanted to get your thoughts first. (BTW: Click the link- the URL is my favorite - "Marissa Mayer to Triple Monthly Active Children")

I am honestly torn. On one hand, after just delivering one daughter last August, I physically needed about 6 week to recover and actually be able to walk again (27 stitches!), not to mention get things figured out with sleep, showering, changing diapers, and staring incessantly at her beautiful little face.

On the other, I understand her drive to get back to work. She has shareholders counting on her and a pivotal company to lead. I had 10 weeks of paid leave back at Rally Health, yet part of me wanted to go back after 6 weeks- I actually continued on all major conference calls as my schedule with a newborn would allow and popped by the office a few times. Some of the biggest issues women face in the U.S. returning to work  are 1) finding a place to pump 2) child care 3) care for everything else- grocery shopping, cleaning the house, etc. Marissa Mayer is in the fortunate position to "Staff up" so I can see her making this work when she is physically able with wet nurses, 24/7 nannies, chefs, cleaners, etc. It takes a village, sometimes you just need to staff your own village.

While her decision will likely be judged as unfavorable to most, Marissa Mayer is a role model to so many women, this will undoubtedly be a debate we hear volumes about. It really goes both ways.

What do you think?