Our Family's Obsession with Munchery

In full disclosure, we loved Munchery so much we decided to invest in the latest round, so this post is somewhat biased. That said, we decided to invest because the service so seamlessly made our life exponentially easier.

When Munchery first launched in the Bay Area, Grandbarb would have huge orders (2 of each!) come to Camp Kennedy when our family would come to visit from DC so that we each always had something healthy & delicious on-hand to eat -without the trouble of going out. While breastfeeding, Grace had some gluten-intolerance so I was gluten-free and constantly hungry- Munchery would save the day for lunch or dinner - whatever my craving! Nowadays I order it if I am going out for the evening so I know Grant & Grace will be well-fed, and every time we have the cleaners come and I cannot think of getting my sparkling kitchen dirty. At around $10 a meal, they're delicious, fresh and filling!

How we use Munchery:

1. Stock your Fridge - I know plenty of families who order some kids meals + adult entrees on a Monday night for the next few days - great for lunch or dinner, especially in the modern era of every family member having a different schedule

2. You can make it beautiful just by plating! A few dinner guests in our household have been none-the-wiser that I didn't spend hours slaving over a meal. Order up the a cheese plate, a side of the delicious bread and some entrees - put them on nice platters and you have yourself a stress-free dinner party! **Bonus that in the Bay Area Munchery can also deliver beer and wine with your dinner!

3. Gift to new parents. My #1 favorite gift to give to new parents is a gift certificate to Munchery. Sure dropping off a Lasagna is great, but 9/10 I don't have the time or expertise to make something great that the family deserves, and having been on the receiving end - I know that while the intention is sweet, hosting visitors right after giving birth can just be more stress. A few clicks and instantly a gift card is sent and parents can choose what they want for dinner tonight!

4. Parent's Night Out: If Grant is out of town, there is no way I am cooking for 1.5, so Munchery it is. If on the rare blue moon occasion I am going out with girlfriends, I love that I can order ahead so I know Grant & Grace have dinner coming their way. And if it is date night? Having a few meals on hand for the babysitter is a nice gesture to ensure they can whip something up easily to have energy to chase our wild tot.