Twenty Weeks

Half-way there!  


Words fail ail to express the gratitude I have that we have made it this far. Our situation has been delicate and emotionally taxing- constantly an internal battle between  

a) with only a 40% chance of making it to 28 week viability, I don't want to spend 3 months on bed rest missing out on milestones with Gracen whom we are so blessed to have and hold in our arms if we don't make it


b) we are now getting close (24 weeks for minimal viability) that each day counts, bringing us closer to being a family of four so bed rest may be best


This pregnancy has been dramatically different than last. First off, last pregnancy I was on bed rest from week 20 through week 32- not allowed to really drive in a car even as a passenger, cook or do anything but lay in bed spending countless hours on my laptop. This time, I have an active 1 year old occupying every minute of every day- giving me far less time to read horror stories of incompetent cervix on the interwebs. My first pregnancy was filled with so much anxiety from the unknown, but as I described to a friend who recently found out her #2 is on the way- the second pregnancy is just all joy. I know what's coming and feel equipped to handle whatever roadblock may come our way. I am tired this time around, but fortunately can sleep as Grace sleeps-- and while migraines have been plaguing my every afternoon, it sure beats the horrific "morning sickness" I had with my first pregnancy!! 

How did you find the differences in your pregnancies?