Parent's Place in Palo Alto

For the past few weeks, Grace & I have been attending PAMP's "free play" every Wednesday at 3pm at Parent's Place (200 Channing Ave in Palo Alto) for PAMP Members. With the location being so convenient, we decided to check it out one day- not realizing how much we would grow to love the center and the other families playing!


While we came here for the playroom (complete with every toy imaginable from trains to a play kitchen!) we will keep coming back from the classes and support the center provides. With opportunities to meet with lactation consultants, courses on dealing with a troublesome two year old and more - it is a phenomenal resource for Peninsula families. 

Check out the workshops here:

If you're just interested in Playtime, they have drop-in play for $10 a session on Mondays and Thursdays from 10am-12noon for 1-5 year olds. With locations in San Francisco, Sonoma, the Peninsula and Marin County - be sure to spread the word to other friends!