MyGym: Gracie's First Gymnastics Class!

When we first moved to Palo Alto, I bought every Groupon and Living Social deal in the neighborhood in hopes it would encourage our family to explore all that the town had to offer. One deal I purchased and had yet to use was a Groupon for MyGym that was expiring at the end of the month. At my Wednesday playgroup, the moms all raved about MyGym so I figured we would check it out!

The Groupon was $59 and included a lifetime family membership, 4 class and 4 free plays (a $110 value) and is still available! We signed up for the Waddlers class this morning and couldn't be happier we tried it.

Kiki the instructor is full of contagious enthusiasm- one of those rare people you met who instantly makes your heart happy. She had a way with enchanting the children - about 15, 13-18 month olds and their moms/nannies. We stretched, sang songs, told stories, had free time to jump around in the ballpit and ride the giant swings. It was magic. 

I'll be honest at first glance, I wasn't overwhelmed. I still have to get used to the California Strip-Mall thing. But once the class started, we were blown away. I immediately saw changes in Grace as she emotionally, mentally and physically engaged with the other children. The best part was the 10 minute "separation time" they have where mom leaves the kiddo in the center of the room to play - Grace, usually clingy, did great and didn't even realize I was gone!

Added bonus? Grace is so exhausted she has been down for a nap for more than 90 minutes this afternoon :) Check it out: