Week 22: Miraculous Things Do Happen

I went into our bi-weekly scan yesterday nervous. Admittedly, I have not been good at being on bedrest these past few weeks. With family visiting this weekend- I was up and about and all over the place- not to mention single-parenting/running mad while Grant and my family were all in Europe last week. Grace is active and I am constantly torn between taking care of Baby #2 and myself, and being supermom to my toddler. 

When we first asked for prayers at week 16, the debate weighed heavily on my shoulders with such risk of doing the cerclage, so we opted for the non-FDA approved pessary. Doctors gave me between 20-40% chance of making it to viability - and we are now just two weeks away from minimal viability-- milestone #1 is near! 

As we saw at our twenty week appointment, the pessary has kept my cervix stable which was great news - I truly didn't have any expectation for anything better. We had a goal of staying above 1cm until at least week 24, but ideally week 32 minimum. But God sure does work in mysterious ways and all of the wonderful thoughts and prayers you've sent our way are working better than ever imagined- the progesterone + pessary route actually lengthened my cervix an entire centimeter! (2.5cms) All of the doctors in the practice checked and re-checked absolutely stunned by the results. Truly miraculous (and in no-part due to any bedrest as I am still averaging about 10k steps a day on the Fitbit- whoops!) 

We are not out of the woods yet, but as spontaneous cervical shortening is typically at <1.6cms, we have room to breath until our next check in two weeks-- when we hit minimal viability!

Today at our Mother's Together gathering, we had a Mission Day where we all participated in making newborn gift baskets through There With Care for mother's who went into early labor and their child is in the NICU at Stanford (born between 24 and 37 weeks). Moms who likely did not have a baby shower yet so probably needed the essentials like diapers, wipes, pacifiers, outfits, etc. Every item I placed in that basket made me so grateful that we are so close to approaching viability with baby girl #2 and made my heart ache for these mother's facing the unthinkable. I admire each mother so much, and pray we can continue to receive good news and not be in their shoes in the coming weeks- I'm honestly not sure I am strong enough.

Thank you again for all of your prayers and support - our little girls are lucky to grow up in a world where faith and friendship can show itself so beautifully. 


I recognize that sharing our story, and so much about my baby making parts, is extremely uncomfortable- for both you the reader, and me. But over the past few weeks the tremendous support and number of prayers we have received are the reason we are doing so well -- THANK YOU. I also feel a certain responsibility for all of those women who also face the dreadful diagnosis of "Incompetent Cervix" and are looking for more information on the pessary route - the decision between Cerclage (with 40% chance of immediate spontaneous miscarriage), only progesterone and/or bedrest - we took a huge risk going this non-FDA approved route and ordering a piece of rubber from Europe -- but it is working and I hope to provide just an ounce of hope to someone facing the same decision. THANK YOU!