Two months of thriving!


Three months ago to the day, I walked in to a routine MFM appointment and was immediately put on bedrest at just 24 weeks- instantly my whole life changed. The trip scheduled for the next day to Palm Springs cancelled, my daughter and husband moved in with my parents and I spent a month flat on my back in a lonely hospital room praying my sweet girl would keep cooking. After a month of bedrest I was discharged but within days I ended up back in the hospital and in labor.  

Tomorrow, our courageous Emerson Claire turns two months old. The past 9 weeks have been a whirlwind of emotional highs and lows- but each day we were blessed to witness this wee little thing grow stronger and learn how to thrive in this world she entered 11 weeks early...  

Due February 1, 2016, giving birth on November 15, 2015 came as a huge surprise- and the past few months have been peppered with long days and tough nights by her side at the NICU and balancing logistics of soending time with Grace and figuring out childcare. Until a reader mentioned it, I never realized that I hadn't shared why we named her Emerson... Emerson means "Brave" and when she came too soon, we didn't have a name picked out yet but in the labor room ran Emerson/Emme by her grandparents and all agreed on it. But it wasn't until the first time I saw her little body fighting so hard to stay with us that I knew there was very little I could do but giving her this name was my way of instilling the little bit of bravery into her life that I could... I knew she would need it... We both would.

Again we have been told tomorrow is the day we get to bring her home (we had a poll, and if she does come my mom wins!) This time, I am not nervous- only excited. I am ready. Emme has doubled her birth weight and looks strong- her feedings are going really well and she hasn't had an episode since the early hours on 1/12. God willing, tomorrow I will have my family together - the ultimate pay off for all of those tough days on bedrest and in the NICU. While Grace and Emme did meet on Christmas Eve, they haven't seen each other since aside from Facetime. We are SO close... And recognize we wouldn't have made it this far without the continued support of our friends, exceptional care by our nurses and the power of prayer. Thank you!