Incompetent Cervix on Downtown Abbey

Flooded with a bevy of texts, my friends were all excited to share with me the news that the unfavorable diagnosis of "Incompetent Cervix" was featured on recent episodes (2 and 3) of Season 6 of the crowd-favorite Downtown Abbey on PBS. 

In a weird way, I am filled with gratitude that IC is getting some screen time - through this blog I have met literally thousands of young women plagued by the term - usually only heard in high risk MFM offices - never mainstream. The facebook groups and online forums are filled with women confused as to why they can't carry a child- feeling alienated and marked with a scarlet letter of fertility. While I have yet to see the episodes, according to refinery29 Anna goes to Mary's womens doctor where her cervix is deemed incompetent and then is offered "the stitch" aka cerclage. 

New baby to snuggle with and guilty pleasure TV?!... you know where to find me the next few days... catching up on all of those shows I missed out on during bedrest (internet was too slow to stream).