Back in the hospital but doing great!

Being home for two weeks, Emme has been doing great so far with no major spells- we have been very very fortunate. Then last night around 6 we started noticing she was having a very difficult time breathing- struggling for air and wheezing. While it wasn't anything overly alarming, we called out pediatricians nurses line which had us go to PAMF's Pediatric Urgent Care.  

Once hooked up to monitors, we saw she was having periods of oxygen dipping into the 86 range, so the on call pediatrician has us directly admitted at Stanford's Children's Hospital. Her little cough seemed to be taking everything out of her. Although she has had the first round of the vaccine Synergis for RSV, we explored all viral options and did swab testing. 

Since she was due tomorrow to be born(!!) they treat her extra carefully, though at this time we are thinking it is just a viral cold- nothing we can treat with antibiotics- so just having her monitored to ensure the breathing struggle doesn't require oxygen/intubation. The one highlight was finding out she now weighs 8.2lbs!! Can you believe our little Preemie who dropped down to 2lbs is now over 8lbs just 11 weeks later?!? We joke I am serving up buttermilk :)

Packard vs El Camino's NICUs is a blog post I'll save for another day- aesthetically as different as different can be (I'd take El Camino any day!) That said- the one universal quality is NICU doctors and nurses still amaze me with their brilliance and bedside manner- kind, compassionate people whom I truly believe put themselves in the shoes of the parents to help educate and make decisions during scary times.   

Now that we know it is nothing more serious and have been able to rule out a lot, will likely be discharged tonight to go home (they don't allow parents to fall asleep at the bedside of the babies so being somewhere I can rest my head would be greatly appreciated at this point!)  


It is surprising to me how emotionally removed Grant and I have become from hospital procedures- we know the drill and move forward asking questions about care, but without tears of fear and frustration flowing dramatically  as we now know as parents, you do what you have to do and count blessings that we are in the epicenter of world class care.  

It is like a drill- that even the extended family has become part of- Pat and Simone came over to watch sleeping Grace as we headed to Urgant Care, by the time we were admitted they'd taken Kellydog back with them and my mom was in her Jammies in our guest room tending to Grace. With Grace taken care of, we could focus on Emme's immediate needs. Talk about blessed...

Heck, the toughest part of this whole visit has been me texting Grant trying to get him out of bed at home to bring my pump parts so I can pump as its been 12 hours and I am in a pain only other breastfeeding mamas would understand! Still waiting... he's not a morning person but Emme and I sure are :)