NICU Day #52, Awaiting Emerson's Homecoming

After 52 days and nights in the NICU, it seemed I may be penning this on the "Eve of Emme"... aka the afternoon before we bring her home. Now, we have prepped now 3 times for her arrival only to find out her stay would be extended, but soon we will have her home, in our arms, free of wires and beeps... I cannot wait!

... and an update... I wrote the above and then received a call from her physician that she had another apnea while sleeping that was 20 seconds without breathing and required stimulation so likely she will be coming home on Friday, not tomorrow anymore. We understand... boy do we understand.

The emotions of thinking Emme is coming home and then finding out she isn't are difficult to explain. On one hand, the disappointment is palpable - looking around at the empty bassinet waiting for it to be filled. On the other, there is a sigh of relief - if the doctors have any hesitation sending her home, we are grateful they are keeping such a close eye on her progress and waiting until she is mature enough. We are ready in so many ways... for a newborn... I think we are both unsure if we are ready for a preemie off monitors. 

In other news, she is doing really well and growing like a weed- I am guessing by the time we bring her home she will be 6 pounds! If you recall, she was due February 1, 2016 - so likely if she was still inside me I would have been delivering another 9.5lb baby! Emerson is also receiving the RSV Synergis vaccine today which we are grateful for - fortunately it seems insurance finally understood it would cost them a lot more $$ to have her back in the NICU receiving emergency care if she contracts RSV than just paying for the vaccine. She did an eye exam last night, still awaiting those results but her crit came back at 33 (dropped from 35.5 after the transfusion but still stable) and vitamin D back at appropriate levels thanks to daily supplementation. 

Grace is prepping to be an amazing big sister. We have nightly tea parties with her new tea set (thanks Santa Barb) and she lovingly feeds and strolls around the house with her baby. Every moment spent with her I find myself amazed by her sweet personality and unending curiosity. I am finishing up pre-school 2 applications for her this week - it is true what they say, "The days are long but the years are short!"