Transitioning to Big Girl Bed

We did it! 

With a cousin coming soon, we needed Emery to move to Grace's old crib and have Graceface move on to a big girl bed. While I had read quite a bit online before - horror stories galore - this transition just kind of happened. 

Grandbarb had an extra twin mattress from her re-do of the guest house, so my dad dropped it off and we had it sit in Grace's room for a few days, so she could get used to it. We would lay on it after nap time and read a book or three, but I didn't push the transition. About 3 days later I sat her on my lap and we looked at sheets on Google Express for Target bc we are fancy like that, and she picked out a pretty princess pink comforter. Delivered while she was at school, I surprised her with the new bed all done up and she instantly wanted to take a nap, first with me laying next to her for a bit. That night we facetimed with extended family to show off her Big Girl Bed, she was very proud to show everyone (and especially to show it off infront of her little sister). That night she was excited to sleep, and only got up once just to see if she could open the door. 

The next night, to incentivize her to sleep in, I promised her a toy cleaning set - and it worked - she slept til 7am and has been gem a since, loving her new big girl bed! 


Woo hoo! Glad thats over! Life with an 11 month old and 25 month old has been fun - like really really fun! I love these new milestones and the reminder to cherish Emery's time as a baby as they do grow up so so so fast. 


Love from our family to yours!