Valentine's Day Crafts

When crafting with a toddler, two words of advice: 1. Washable 2. Cheap

From age 6 months on there is an abundance of crafting fun awaiting your family. I try to incorporate arts/crafting in daily- lately I've just been googling printables for The Super Bowl, Mardi Grad, Ground Hogs Day, Chinese New Year etc and letting Grace color while I tend to Emme but this morning I realized just how easy it is to create something special in under 10 minutes.




We made heart stamped paper using Crayola Washable Paint (neon), a piece of large paper, and a toilet paper roll taped into the shape of a heart. Grace had a blast stamping away-- on the paper and her clothes :) fortunately the paint is super easy to clean up with simple baby wipes so within ten minutes we had a masterpiece that we are now allowing to dry before we cut into heart shapes and glue on to cards for the fam. Fast and frugal is best when you have 2 under 2!