Happy 100 Days Miss Emerson Claire!!!

While not of Chinese descent nor have we ever lived in China, during our time in the NICU spent with such an abundance of cultures - I grew a strong interest in the parenting styles and traditions of the Chinese culture... most notably, the 100 day celebration! While many parenting books from the USA claim the first three months of life are the fourth trimester" the ancient Chinese custom recognizes that the first 100 days of a child's life are the most vulnerable, and in the old days, many babies didn't make it to the 100 day mark so doing so was cause for celebration!

After learning of this tradition, I knew this would be a day I would exhale a big sigh of relief...and today is that day! We made it! While it took 63 days in the NICU, one hospital visit for RSV, sleepless nights from reflux and a bout of HFM - we have finally made it to the triple digits!! The emotions of the rollercoaster are still catching up with me- at random times throughout each week I just can't believe that we made it to the other side after a tough few months and now everyone is doing great!

Yesterday Emme had her 3 month check-up where we were ecstatic to learn she is now 10 lbs 6 ounces and 20.5 inches - finally clocking in on the charts at 3%. We had our first family vacation this past weekend in Palm Springs and are adjusting to having Kellydog back home...things are starting to feel "normal" again fortunately.

Tonight we are ordering Chinese take out to celebrate.... Happy 100 Miss Emerson Claire Allen! We love you!