Removing Sharpie from Toddler skin...

Yep, that happened! Around 6am I saw Grace has pulled a bunch of toys and treasures into the dog bed in my room and was playing independently with a smile on her face. Not my greatest mothering moment with "Barbie's Dream House" blaring in the background, but whatever. After waking up at 5am, I was relieved to get a little shut-eye. 

Then I felt a little "tap tap tap" on my shoulder, opened my eyes - and saw she had a blue streak across her cheek... I laughed it off, must have found a blue pen. I pulled her into bed only to witness she had drawn all over her mouth, neck and arms! 

Being a mama of a preemie means lots and lots of pumping and storing milk. To do so, I have a station in our walk-in-closet where I keep sterile bottles for freezing and a sharpie to mark the date, time and quantity. Grace regularly follows me in there (nothing like pumping with an audience, right mamas?!) and must have noticed my routine as we were extremely fortunate that aside from her new tattoos, she only scribbled on the bottle - walls, carpet and furniture all spared from her artistic flare for now!

While in my old days as a swimmer I knew nail polish remover gets Sharpie of the skin, I was hoping to find less abrasive solutions for my 1.5 year old Picasso. Going directly to Facebook - our tribe offered some great alternatives:

  • Handsanitizer (we have lots of that around!)
  • lots and lots of baths
  • Coconut oil
  • Mr Clean Magic Eraser
  • Eye Makeup Remover
  • and a few votes to just color in the rest of the skin :) 


Have a great weekend!


The Allens (one that is a bit smurf-y blue this morning!)