Today is Rare Disease Day: Get your Eyes Checked and Learn about Ocular Melanoma

Today is Rare Disease Day, a day to recognize diseases affecting fewer than 1 in 1,500 people. Unfortunately, the type of eye cancer my father-in-law (ironically an eye surgeon) was diagnosed with at age 49 and died of at 54 is found in only around 1 in 170,000. I never got to meet my father-in-law, this diseased robbed him from ever meeting his granddaughters.

But while we want you to all be aware of this rare and awful disease, I also encourage you to be vigilant with your own eye health. If caught early, OM and other eye problems can be effectively addressed. If you haven't had a dilated eye exam in the past year, schedule one today.

As far of the day, Ocular Melanoma Foundation created a short awareness PSA:
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Learn more about Rare Disease Day here:

Shout out to my amazing husband Grant Allen who has been committed to raising awareness about this rare disease - founding the non-profit over a decade ago with his father and continuing the legacy in hopes no other family has to.