Oakland Airport to Open Lactation Suites

A big win for adventurous moms traveling with their wee ones. Oakland airport is opening "Lactation Suites" for moms to feed and pump in privacy. While there is some outrage (suggesting that mothers shouldn't just feed anywhere they like), I for one find immense comfort in this big step - providing a space free of distraction during hectic travel. While the NBC article claims this is a first for the bay area and the state, I do have to remind readers that SFO has an AWESOME mommy room before you get through security on the Departures level at United Airlines that is set up for changing, breast feeding (super comfy leather rocker) and place to pump -- completely private, you lock from the inside and only get access by picking up the phone and calling- it also has a very wide entry that can accommodate even a double stroller. I've pumped in there many times and also found it just a place to get situated after checking bags, before getting through security.