Have beautiful, outgrown Children's clothing? Gift them to the most special of families

The following request was sent out by the director of chaplaincy services at Packard Children's Hospital. If you have nice clothing your child has outgrown, you can help a grieving parent who has just lost a child. Please contact The Rev. Brady directly.

I recently received a request from a staff member of our Bereavement Services that one of the Intensive Care Unit social workers brought to her attention hoping we could help. The ICU social worker is aware that when a child dies at the hospital, often the parents, desiring to dress their child in nice clothing, will run across the street to the mall to try to purchase a new outfit in which to dress their child. Some clothing is kept on the unit for that purpose but the supply is evidently dwindling and the hope is for the clothing to be replenished.

Thank you for considering,

The Rev. Diana Brady, M.Div. 
Director of Chaplaincy Services
Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, Stanford

(650) 497-8538