From Pregnant Chicken: The Do's and Dont's of Bringing Home 2.0

With so many friends expecting their second this Spring/Summer, my newsfeed is filled with baby-everything. Today this article from Pregnant Chicken Popped up on "The Do's and Don't of Bringing Home 2.0" and I couldn't help but share with you all. 

So much of the author's honest sentiment rang true with our experience - this time around even as a fragile preemie, we knew Emerson wouldn't break if we gave her a bath (I was terrified with Grace - it was a big ordeal to bathe her...). We've kept Gracen's schedule pretty spot on the same - grateful she survived the tumultous few months of moving to Palo Alto from D.C. in June, Mommy going on Bedrest at the Hospital in October meaning she moved in with my parents, having mommy come home after Emerson was born and moving into the Palo Alto house with Mom and Dad leaving every 2 hours to go to the NICU and then bringing home this new little peanut.

Gracen loves Emerson - and primarily I believe it is because we so gratefully emphasized not that this was my baby, but HER sister. She cares for Emerson (and all of us) like a pro - fetching bottles, throwing away dirty diapers and picking out clothes in the morning. We can abate any temper tantrum with "Want to go give your sister a kiss" - I honestly am not sure we could have survived Graceface's toddler years without that bribe! 

Of course having #2under2 has its own challenges - someone is always fussy/hungry/sitting in a wet diaper but I wouldn't change the spacing for anything! Gracen still wants to be carried more often than is ideal, but she never regressed to the baby stage - and if I can brush my shoulders off a bit, I believe it is because we stayed positive about her new role, the addition of the baby to our family, and our pride in each new stride she makes. 

Best of luck to all of you #2under2 mamas - if you have time to read the article, let me know what you think!