Thank you for helping Team Katertots raise $2150 for the March of Dimes Silicon Valley Walk!

Friends -

It is with great gratitude I thank our extended community for the support in helping Team Katertots raise $2150 for the March of Dimes Silicon Valley walk(and in just 72 hours!). As many of you know, March of Dimes is the leader in research and development re: prematurity. On this blog alone, I quoted their research 19 times during our journey - from bedrest to NICU stay, and they are a partner we will continue to walk arm-in-arm with as Emerson Claire continues to thrive! 

1:10 babies are born prematurely (before 37 weeks), with an estimated 354,000 babies in the United States each year. The money raised helps those babies, their families, and the NICU staff through medical research and best practice studies and beyond. 

So many thanks to Gretchen and her girls for joining us on the walk in History Park, San Jose this past weekend, and for all of our donors nearby and afar: Mary G, Barbara K, Kevin B, Keri Ann M, Peter K, Saket S, Teresa D, Elizabeth M, Stephanie E, Janis R, and Brandon R! 

We were so proud to be able to contribute and raise a decent amount of money for a last minute sign-up and push, but the real icing on the cake was walking with so many of E's NICU nurses from El Camino Hospital who were delighted to see her progress and made my heart so happy to share hugs as they were the family we never knew we needed through each step of that chapter. 

All in all, we were so glad to participate and hope you consider to support an organization that supported our family (and millions of other families) throughout this journey!