Bows That Make A Statement... and an Impact!

Confession: I like big bows.

No, wait.

I LOVE big bows! Both of my girls have rocked big bows everywhere from sporting events, to pre-school, park play dates and even this NICU. Some say you are never fully dressed without a smile, but for our family - you are never fully dressed without that big bow!

While Grant was gone last weekend and we were stuck at home potty training Grace, I had that entrepreneurial itch after someone asked for the 10,000th time where I get their bows... why not sell them myself?! So it has been a busy past 6 days sorting gorgeous beautiful bows, figuring out packaging, building our website, starting on branding, etc -- and we are still just a work in progress... but we have a site!

You can read more about the inspiration at "More than a Bow" but when I was reflecting on our NICU journey that began a year ago with me in the hospital, and 10 months ago with Emerson Claire's birth - I remembered the first time I saw Emery dressed in clothes with a big bow on her hat that the nurses had tucked her in ("tucked", as even the preemie sizes were way too large) - she was my doll, and in that moment, she was so so real. Such a little fighter! As anyone who followed our journey knows, the 63 days of our NICU journey were rough, and the days I could just order Munchery for dinner or have Google Express drop of diapers made everything exponentially easier. We were fortunate, but all of these little "helps" are expensive -- as was our million dollar hospital stay! We want to take the silly logistical lift off NICU families, and hope that proceeds from our bow sales can make an impact. It may not be much, but to NICU families, a hot meal to share together when you feel numb means EVERYTHING!

Emery, 4.5 weeks old and about 3 lbs, rocking her first bow in the NICU

Emery, 4.5 weeks old and about 3 lbs, rocking her first bow in the NICU

Head on over to to check out our limited collection! We have all sorts of fun (including some Mommy & Me gear I am super excited about) planned for later this Fall!