Holiday weekends, the best!

What a wonderful, packed weekend it was! 

Failed attempt as a family photo... oh well!

Failed attempt as a family photo... oh well!

We had an opportunity to revel in our friendships and family this weekend as we celebrated with a big holiday brunch with all of our families on Sunday after church. Our girls also had a chance to see Santa - this year Grace was VERY into him as she read off her Christmas list, but Emery wouldn't go near him! Finally, we closed it out with an adults-only dinner at Novio at the Ritz Carlton in Halfmoon Bay with my brother and his wife and my parents which was purely magical - as we arrived bagpipers were playing as the sun was setting and the entire hotel smelled of Gingerbread! 


it's beginning to feel VERY Christmas-y! The girls and I also attended a local performance of The Nutcracker which was ever so charming watching them adore the ballerinas! Finally, every waking hour seemed to be filled with crafts which was so much fun and got us all in the holiday spirit!