#MomTruthMonday: The Jetlag Edition

Inspired by my incredible friend Krista and her weekly #MomTruthMonday I look forward to each week, I couldn't resist boarding the truth train and share just how tough recovering from jetlag has been for our little family.

Let's be real. It has been tough. So tough. Borderline unbearable. While both of my kiddos have traveled plenty with time changes to Hawaii and the East Coast, this 9 hour time shift has thrown us all off, with sleep being interrupted by the need to use the potty or tummy's grumbling thinking it is time for dinner. We don't have a TV here, so our usual "quick fix" at calming crying toddlers down is taking a bit more effort finding books and activities to calm them in the middle of the night - and the boxes we sent arrived on Friday but we didn't get the notice until after business hours, so we can't get them until tomorrow since today is official Swiss Holiday for May Day so our distractions are limited.

While the struggle is real facing off with jetlag, we have also had the blessing of some dreary weather. I call it as a blessing as it has forced us to slow down, embrace the exhaustion and take each day one at a time. Being here for 3 months means we don't have to squeeze everything into a short vacation timeline, so for our first week in Switzerland our outtings were pretty limited - we explored the grocery store, learned how to take the train, bus and tram systems, and got a chance to know our new community. In an odd way, it all worked out just as it should. Fortunately, we did have a chance to explore the Nature Museum at the University of Zurich on Thursday and Saturday Grant took us to Luzern in picture perfect breathtaking weather - the lake was stunning and the snow on the alps adding romance to our stroll along the lake. Sunday we visited a new church, C3, which welcomed us with such open arms we instantly felt at home. I had searched for English services, and with the help of Google, landed at this church that also boasted childcare -- which meant english speaking families! We even met a family of four (soon to be five!) that live in our same building! Afterwards, we ventured around the lake on our bikes and explored some parks.

You guys, the parks here are AMAZING. I'll post more on that later, but it is insane. I can't even begin to describe how impressed I am...even the train from Oerlikon to Luzern had a playground on the upperdeck we happened upon - the kids were thrilled, even with older boys yelling at them in German - Grace just babbled back with a huge flirtatious smile on her face. Kids these days :)

It is raining again today, which is a welcome distraction after such a busy weekend and still recovering from the time change - so we are planning on visiting the indoor playground in our complex and maybe making some cheesy Raclette for dinner. 

All in all, Zurich is already proving to be an extremely livable city which we are enjoying more and more as we continue to explore - and look forward to uncovering all of the magic of this enchanted city when our sleep schedule is more on track, but for now, every new day is an adventure, even if it just attempting to figuring out the swiss laundry systems :) 

Have a great week!


The Swiss Family Allen