Mainau - A wonderland for Families near Zurich

While doing a quick look at possible stops on our way home from the Bavarian Castle Crawl, I spotted information about a little Island Mainau off of Lake Constance in Germany and with vivid pictures of glorious flowers, a cafe, and lots of playgrounds - I knew we were in!


Driving from Fussen, we were wowed by the wine country on the East side of Lake Constance but unfortunately couldn't sneak into any of the tasting rooms. After a few failed attempts, we took the car ferry over (be sure to bring Euros, credit card not accepted) which was fun for all seeing the beautiful lake from the comfort of our rental car! 


Mainau was all that I read and more - it was absolutely glorious and I would recommend for families of all ages! The girls were in heaven as we walked in and saw a playground that seemed to just keep going and going with water features, climbing structures, swings, diggers for sand and more! It was packed but offered so much for everyone. Grant enjoyed the cafe at the entrance, hungry after the drive.


Once we finally pried the girls off of the playground, we checked it the petting zoo where Emery was mesmerized by feeding the very friendly goats. Grace enjoyed watching the ponies but from afar. From there we climbed trees and then checked out some of the much touted floral exhibits which were positively spectacular, all with a setting sun behind us. There was a restaurant at the top which we only looked into but tabletops were decorated with such gorgeous florals I wish I could come back with girlfriends and enjoy some wine!


The butterfly exhibit was a must-see and while it was very hot, the girls loved seeing all of the butterflies, flowers, and birds. It was probably the biggest butterfly sanctuary I have ever seen and was a nice note to end our journey on.


I would recommend the 45 minute trip to anyone- it was a lovely lovely afternoon!