Spring Lake, The Statue of Liberty and Au Revoir America!

We had a great flight out on Thursday to NY/NJ, though Newark airport was a nightmare! While we didn't make it to our hotel until circa 1am, we were fortunate that the accommodations were perfect. While normally we would stay with family when we go to the shore, I opted for a hotel so that I could get the girls adjusted to East Coast time more easily, and my plan fortunately worked perfectly! 

We stayed at the Hewitt Wellington right in Spring Lake, New Jersey - my favorite beach town, dubbed the "Irish Riviera" it was the perfect location just across from the Lake and a few blocks to the boardwalk/beach. Though it was pretty chilly, the girls and I took their scooters out daily around the boardwalk and the lake, played in the sand, and enjoyed the beautiful playground at Spring Lake Park. Suite #2, our room had a huge patio that made it easy to store the stroller/scooters and a living room with a pull-out couch for the girls so everyone had their space.


We had the blessing of spending a great deal of time with Gigi, my dad's mom and the girls great grandmother and enjoyed playing games and eating chocolate with her all weekend long! While Grant was away, the girls and I visited with Aunt Yvonne and Uncle Ron on Saturday and my cousin Jeff may have been their entertainment for the year, introducing them to his pet birds and rough housing until they couldn't giggle anymore! Too fun! 

Saturday night my best friends/bridesmaids Keri Ann and Daniela drove up to the shore and we caught up over too much wine on the balcony overlooking the lake while the girls slept. The following morning we checked out the Scone Pony and got requisite Pork Roll, Egg and Cheese sandwiches on hard rolls from Tom Bailey's Market after a long walk around the lake and followed it up with a nice walk on the boardwalk. 

Sunday night was a blast catching up with my cousin Meredith (I am so proud of her, she graduates in a few weeks!), her mom, her moms sister and Gigi! We had pizza, because NJ pizza is the best, and enjoyed the evening at my grandma's, then had the added benefit of seeing my cousin Jenny and her boys who are close in age to my girls! Too much fun!

Monday morning I turned in my last final and then we took Grandma out for breakfast at Who's On Third (or whatever it has been renamed) before heading up to New York to visit the statue of Liberty and see Ellis Island. The girls loved the ferry boat ride out there and we also appreciated the 9/11 memorial of the no view of the twin towers on the docks. The ferry ride was perfect as we got some great views, but had a chance to stay inside to warm up when needed as it was rainy and the girls preferred to take in the views while enjoying hot dogs and soft pretzels.

IMG_3382 2.JPG

The "doing too much" attitude seemed to work as the girls were perfect on the flight from Newark to Zurich, both watch a show, ate a bit and then slept! I think the Polaris Business Class lie flat seats and amenities kits were such a highlight the girls may now be spoiled, but regardless, we made it here in one piece and even all of our bags arrived! 

Stay tuned for more on our new village of Kilchberg outside Zurich, our flat, and our new adventures as they unfold!