Crafting on Bedrest: Lollipop Ghosts for the Nurses

My whole life I have always had such great respect for nurses- they truly are the lifeline for patients everywhere. So many brilliant and dedicated friends and family members have been on the front lines of taking care of others, but these past few days have given me even greater perspective for all they do.  

In complete honesty, I woke up today in a rage of tears unlike I've ever faced. Perhaps coupled by the pregnancy hormones, I felt defeated and "stuck". With Grant out of town and the baby being a handful for my parents, I was pretty lonely and feeling helpless. My nurse Deborah came right in and did more than check up on my vitals, she befriended me- acknowledging that while I may be a patient she is taking care of physically, I'm also a terrified woman who is facing a roller coaster of emotions. Excited that we reached the 25 week milestone today (hooray!) but overwhelmed that we still have 15 more weeks of pregnancy to hit the 40 mark. That is a long long time. 

If you know me well, you know I am also terrible at asking for help and sitting still, so being so dependent on these strangers has been a challenge. That said, the kindness each nurse bestows upon me makes the loneliness far more bearable. I can't do all that much to thank them, but with some basics on hand, I figured I could at least surprise them with a little sweet treat to brighten their day (and long long shifts) as they brighten mine! 


Ghost Tootsie Pops

 a childhood favorite, my mom has made these every year! Simple and quick, was able to make a nice batch in about twenty minutes from the comfort of my hospital bed! They're not much, but it is something! 



  • white paper napkins (single ply works best. I only had double in hand but pulled them apart) 
  • tootsie pops
  • fine tip black felt marker
  • pipe cleaners or ribbons


  1. cover each tootsie pop with the napkin
  2. secure with ribbon or pipe cleaner
  3. draw a scary ghost face
  4. enjoy!!  




Getting in the mood for Halloween, our Monday morning art activity is sure to be a big hit with the grandparents! Instead of painting pumpkins, we used Graceface's "bum" as a stamp to make a pumpkin shape-- fortunately it's 80 degrees so putting together the project outside got no complaints from the wee one who reveled in bath time after! 


  • Baby Bum
  • washable orange paint (we used neon by crayola) 
  • heavy stock paper/poster board
  • crayons and or markers to decorate
  • baby wipes to clean up
  • paint brush and paper plate to get the paint on the tush  


  1. lay out materials outside. We laid the paper on a trash bag just in case, but the washable paint is fairly easy to clean up if need be. Have paint ready to go
  2. Undress and use brush to paint paint on baby bum
  3. Stamp the print
  4. Let dry while babe takes a quick bath.
  5. Decorate with crayons and/or markers to better illustrate the pumpkin theme!!  

The project took less than 5 minutes, fortunately I had Grant's help this morning to make it even easier between stamping and clean-up :) 



Get in the Halloween Spirit at Shoreline Lake Park!!

(from their website)

How did the Great Pumpkin fix the hole in his pants?
With a pumpkin patch.

HALLOWEEN IS UPON US, so come join our Pumpkin Splash including the famous Shoreline Lake pumpkin patch!

Dates for this year will be October 17 - November 1, 11am-5pm (weekends) & 10am-5pm (weekdays). This pumpkin extravaganza has something for everyone, big or little, to enjoy.

Come dress up and enjoy the pumpkin patch surrounded by hay bales on a beautiful lake setting. Along with locally grown pumpkins, there will be craft activities for children, a bounce house, boating passes, pumpkin painting & pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, an old-fashioned bake sale and many photo opportunities. Pumpkins will be available for sale every day during this event; the additional activities outlined below will only be available on weekends and not available Monday-Friday.

Pumpkin and Pedalboat $25
Pick a pumpkin and take a pedalboat ride for 2

Pumpkin Patch Child Pass $10
1 child pass to pick a pumpkin and enjoy activities in the pumpkin patch

Pumpkin All Day Access Pass $30
1 person all day access boating pass to pedalboats, canoes, kayaks and rowboats, stand up paddleboards along with 1 pumpkin and time in the patch

Pumpkin Family Pass $35
2 pumpkins for the family, 2 child passes, and 2 adult passes for pumpkin patch activities and a pedalboat ride

Pumpkin, Pastry and Pumpkin Latte $10
Pick a pumpkin, a hand crafted morning pastry, and a latte from the Café

Small Pumpkins $2
Large Pumpkins $5

And, if you prefer a more serene orange gourd experience, the patch and seasonal treats (real French and classic American pastries, as well as other gourmet essentials crafted on-site) will also be available during the week.

Remember come dressed up in order to get a raffle ticket to win an all-day boating pass here at our beautiful Shoreline Lake.

Target's Halloween Costumes: Buy One, Get One Free through Saturday 10/10

Still unsure of what your little one is dressing up as for halloween? Me, too! With a bounty of celebrations to attend, I am sure we again will be wanting more than one costume- and just our luck- Target is having a "Buy One, Get One Free" promotion on all children's Halloween Costumes through this Saturday, 10/10 in-store and online! The selection is great (though note some do seem to be backordered) and ranging from $20-$40 - a great chance to find accessories for the dress-up closet to have the fun last all year long! Enjoy!

The Teal Pumpkin Project: Helping Kids with Food Allergies This Halloween

It is hard to believe Fall is upon us. With PSLs inhand, moms all around the country are figuring out what their kiddos will dress up for this Halloween- and a handful are also figuring out how they let their little ones trick-or-treat despite life-threatening food allergies.

A friend shared information on the Teal Pumpkin Project being put on by the Food Allergy Research & Education Organization. You can take the pledge and learn more here: